LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – While he gave no clues about who may join him on stage, Usher revealed a new documentary, gave some insight on his new album, and spoke about how the Road to Halftime has impacted him so far.

Pregame performers — preceded by interpreters from the National Association of the Deaf — also shared their excitement to share the stage during the pregame.

Post Malone and Angel Piñero will be performing America the Beautiful, while Reba McIntyre and Daniel Durant will perform the National Anthem, and Andra Day and Shaheem Sanchez will perform Lift Every Voice and Sing.

A large theme with Usher’s performance is that it’s 30 years in the making, from the drop of his first self-titled album in 1994 to the moment he steps on stage.

“Sometimes affirmations and words of confirmation aren’t enough, you have to put in the work. It’s amazing that Jay-Z and the NFL are letting me entertain the world,” he shared.

With a new album also on the way, Usher says this is just the beginning of the next chapter in his career.

“This is just really a testament to dedication. I don’t have this moment by myself – I bring my fans with me, and anyone who had any part in the creativity,” he said.

Another hallmark of this halftime show is that Usher, who was an independent artist at the time of his first album’s release, will be the only independent artist in history to perform on the halftime show stage.

“It definitely has been a challenge to squeeze 30 years into 13 minutes,” he said. “I wanted to put on a show that would represent my idea of creativity, and what I’ve been able to do is bring a lot of Atlanta to the cultural melting pot that is Las Vegas.”

So far, he’s remaining tight-lipped on who could be joining him on stage.

“I think I made it easy for myself by deciding to have features on hit records,” Usher said. “So I started there.”

Usher also revealed that a documentary has been following him around throughout the process. “You’ll get to see me from the moment I get the call to when I walk off the stage.”

Usher says he’s planning on expanding his opportunities in the Las Vegas Valley as well, and he’s open-minded as to what that might mean. “[This album] is just really the last five years of my life… Coming to Vegas was a real bold move.”

He continued, “Now I’m ready to share what I was working on before and during my time in Vegas.”


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