LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Golden Knights announced Tuesday afternoon they have a new member of the team.

You can add “Maverick” to the roster. He’s the new team dog.

For the next 16 to 18 months, the nine-week-old “golden” labrador will be co-raised by the VGK and America’s VetDogs. It’s a national non-profit that provides veterans, active-duty service members, and first responders with service dogs free of charge. Maverick’s rookie season with the team will prepare him for that lifetime mission.

The 9-month-old pup will spend his rookie season with the team before turning pro with a veteran or first responder(Courtesy: Vegas Golden Knights)

A few weeks ago, the VGK asked their fans to come up with names for the pup. Owner Bill Foley says he, and the team, found “Maverick” to be a good fit for both the little lab and the team.

Vegas Golden Knights to adopt, raise service dog

“Building a Stanley Cup champion in six years, when people laughed at that notion, requires a maverick approach,” Foley said. “The energy I see in this puppy befits the name ‘Maverick’ and I’m not surprised the players found it fitting as well.”

You can look for the pup at a variety of team events, and he even has his very own club! You can sign up on the VGK site.


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