LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Las Vegas elementary school received a makeover Monday morning.

Volunteers visited Lewis E. Rowe Elementary School in the eastern valley to participate in a beautification project. This is all a part of Appreciation Ambassadors. Organizers say they are a local charity that helps renovate schools around the country.

“Our Appreciation Ambassadors is our group that’s here,” said Hawley Woods Gray, Appreciation Financial, executive vice president of business markets. “That is the nonprofit arm of Appreciation Financial. We like to give back where we do majority of our work so we have several different projects happening on campus and it’s really starting to take shape.”

The charity also made a monetary donation to the principal. A check of $10,000 was gifted.

“Super excited because we were on the list to get a new school a few years ago and we were bumped back even more so we got about eight to ten more years before we get a new school,” said Jeff Schaber, principal. “So unfortunately, we are one of the older schools in the county so it’s just nice to get a fresh facelift and be able to hopefully make the building look nice for the next eight to ten years.”

Volunteers painted exteriors of portables, updated the teacher’s lounge, refreshed the garden area and added murals to walls around campus. Organizers say this is to support growth and development “in underserved parts of the Las Vegas community.”

“Every year, we get raving results and responses from kids and teachers about how they left on Friday and it looked one way and they came back and its totally beautified and every thing has color to it and they are very happy and excited,” Gray said.

For more information on the charity, visit their website.


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