LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – One of the busiest roadways in the Las Vegas Valley has a disproportionate amount of crashes and fatalities, and NDOT officials would like you to weigh in on long-term solutions for Flamingo Road.

The Flamingo Road (SR 592) Safety Management Plan is available for virtual input through February 29. It covers the stretch of Flamingo Road from Paradise Road to Pecos Road.

NDOT released statistics of incidents from 2016 to 2020, including the following:

· 1,014 total crashes

· 860 vehicle crashes

· 74 pedestrian crashes

· 19 total fatal crashes

Justin Hopkins of NDOT gives insight into why the statistics are disproportionately higher.

“It definitely ranks us among the areas where we see the most serious injury and fatal collisions in Southern Nevada. That’s due to a number of factors: it’s a wide stretch of roadway with high speeds. Then people exceed those high speeds. We see a lot of impaired driving. We also see a lot of vulnerable road users. There’s a high number of pedestrians and cyclists that use that corridor,” Hopkins explained.

Short-term changes in the next year or two will include reduced speed limits, better lighting, more crosswalks, sidewalk repairs, or even barriers in the middle of the road to prevent pedestrians from illegally crossing.

The Safety Management Plan asks for input on road layout for pedestrians, cyclists and bus users. Where should lanes go? Should buses be in a median lane? Some larger cities implement that layout to ensure no one misses the bus.

To view the The Flamingo Road (SR 592) Safety Management Plan, click here: The Flamingo Road (SR 592) Safety Management Plan


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