LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The neo-noir world of John Wick is coming to Las Vegas later this year!

AREA15 is teaming up with Lionsgate to bring an “immersive entertainment district” based on the John Wick motion picture to the campus later this year. The attraction will be approximately 12,000 square feet and have a curated collection of immersive experiences, interactive attractions, events, and entertainment.

Fans can enjoy the attraction’s blend of immersive theatre and highly cinematic environments to create an interactive journey that transcends reality.

Stepping through the doors of the Las Vegas Continental, guests will navigate a high-stakes adventure, and visit a themed bar and retail shop open to the general public. During the adventure, each group of guests will be tasked with specific missions, which play out in unique ways with characters, mythology, and iconography from the Wick universe.

Franchise director Chad Stahelski is also working closely with Egan Productions, who is producing the experience at AREA15. This is the fourth Las Vegas-based attraction from Lionsgate, following the Official SAW Escape, Escape Blair Witch, and The Hunger Games: The Exhibition.

“It’s always gratifying to see people embrace your story and characters, whether on the big screen or with a fully immersive experience like this one,” said Stahelski. “The teams at Lionsgate, AREA15 and Egan really dive into this world, and I’m excited that fans will experience it live in Vegas.”


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