LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Clark County School District Board of Trustees did not approve a buyout of Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara’s contract on Wednesday evening.

The board met in Henderson after Dr. Jara approached the board with a resignation letter last week. He was seeking a buyout of his existing contract in exchange for his stepping down.

Trustees also revealed in the meeting that members approached the Superintendent to ask him to resign before the meeting. However, the motion failed with a 3-4 vote.

The teachers union – whose members were present at the meeting – called the timing of Jara’s exit “suspicious.” Clark County Education Association President Marie Neisess told FOX5 that the recent lawsuit the union filed against the superintendent prompted the move.

Neisess accuses Jara of calling her a “mistress” on social media. He claims his account was hacked, but the union wants the school district to fire him.

The union claims Jara wants nearly $500,000 for his resignation. The teachers’ group says it wants him to walk away empty-handed.

Dr. Jara was not present at the meeting.

Currently, the board has gone into a closed session until 7 p.m.


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