LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – FOX5 sports reporter Paloma Villicana discusses fashion in exclusive interview with Fox sports reporter, Erin Andrews.

Watch the 1-on-1 with Andrews as she highlights her brand “WEAR by Erin Andrews” at the Super Bowl Experience and discusses her broadcasting career.

Read the interview script here:

Paloma Villicana: “When in your career did you decide to go into fashion and go into sports apparel?”

Erin Andrews: “Working in the NFL, you can’t be biased. I was curious what women would wear to games and how they would support their team. I realized there was a white space out there, and we could offer more. Comfortable t-shirts and everything. Be fashionable.”

Villicana: “How have you seen your brand grow in the past year?”

Andrews: “It’s pretty cool when you get a text from someone saying, ‘someone is wearing your brand.’” My peers, the players that I cover, they say the brand is so much fun. It’s especially important for National Women’s Day coming up.”

Villicana: “This is a full circle moment for me, I grew up watching you and you opened the door for so many women. For all the young women looking up to you, what can they learn from your journey?”

Andrews: “Two things, I love football and sports. I love covering sports and I’m so emotionally invested in them. You really have to love this to make it work. Also, it’s preparation. When you have dads who say my daughter wants to be like you – that’s it.”


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