LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Lolik Catering, based in Las Vegas, has seen business boom during Super Bowl week.

The couple who runs the business credits much of that success to the NFL’s Business Connect program.

“We’ve got a bunch of meetings lined up in the upcoming weeks with other large businesses in town,” co-owner Adrine Froyan told FOX5. “It has created an incredible business pipeline for us moving past that into later months and years.”

Froyan and her husband, Aran Bakalian, started the business soon after Bakalian moved from Brooklyn, where he cut his teeth as an executive chef for two decades. While on that job, he realized the importance of making food that doesn’t just taste good, but looks good as well.

“You eat with your eyes first, so if it looks really good and your palette is kind of excited to try it, that’s kind of what we strive for,” Bakalian explained. “You’re smelling it, you’re seeing it – all your senses are kind of getting activated.”

“We take a lot of pride in our presentation,” Froyan added.

The couple brings a unique style of catering to this unique city.

“I have clients who will ask us if I can cook in the style of this specific restaurant where they can’t fit all their guests,” Bakalian said. “And to me, that’s a great challenge. We go out, have a great dinner, I explore the menu, and come back and recreate it with my vision.”

The two place an added emphasis on helping boost other local businesses.

“We’re promoting that it came from a local place and then we’re giving them the showmanship that Vegas is known for,” Bakalian said proudly.

Lolik Catering was one of 200 local businesses chosen out of 700 applicants to the NFL’s Business Connect program.


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