LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Food insecurity does not seem like a problem that is going away in the valley.

As the need continues, the focus is on adolescents, to make sure students have what they need so they can focus on their education.

FOX5 spoke with an employee at Whitney Elementary who makes sure students don’t go hungry.

Mr. Paul Beauparlant is part of the mental health team at Whitney Elementary.

He is often the first one in on a Friday morning.

Beauparlant is mostly known as ‘Mr. B’ to the students as they know for being kind as he hands out food bags for the weekend.

Every Friday, Beauparlant, makes up to 30 bags of food items from the pantry in the school, those bags are taken home by students whose families may not be able to afford groceries.

“I got a lot of pushback in the beginning,” Beauparlant said. “Having them understand I’m in their boat, I’m trying to help out we love their kids and we just want them to be successful here, it slowly started to change.”

It’s a change Beauparlant was adamant about making when he noticed the food pantry inside the school was not being used even though he knew there was a need.

“I went to them instead of them coming to me I got a really good positive response,” Beauparlant said.

The food pantry is dependent on donations, so Beauparlant can help hundreds of families put a meal on their table.

“We don’t ask questions we just do it, if they say need it that is enough for us,” he said.

Beauparlant credits Findlay for their monthly donations.

“One thing about Findlay is that they are very generous they go and buy us really good products to give out to our families,” Beauparlant said.

However, it is not just food items going home with the students.

“The number one thing I give out and get requests for throughout the year are shoes, “ he said.

Inside the pantry, there is a section for a new clothing for students.

Beauparlant tells FOX5 he always double checks with a parent at home to make sure it is ok before he sends anything home with a student.

He also said he noticed there was a 20% drop in the chronic absenteeism of students after the pantry opened up.

If you would like to donate to the food pantry you can email Beauparlant at [email protected]


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