LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – People in Lake Las Vegas say they have felt unexplained booms, with their houses shaking, for a month or two.

This includes on Super Bowl Sunday when some reported a flash of light. People also reported a house-shaking boom on Thursday afternoon.

FOX5 has been asking questions for days, trying to find an explanation. Henderson City Councilman Jim Seebock, who represents Lake Las Vegas, told FOX5 there was a permit for blasting work in the South Shore area on Thursday.

People reported feeling a blast that shook their homes around the same time the blasting work was scheduled. Some residents in Lake Las Vegas have complained to FOX5 about not receiving any kind of notice that blasting would occur, with many frightened by sudden booms.

“We’re going to ask them not to do any blasting until we have this conversation on Monday. So, we’re going to ask them to pause it until we can have a further conversation with them and the steps they’re going to do moving forward so the residents’ concerns are heard,” Seebock told FOX5 on Friday.

He also addressed concerns about people not receiving notice of blasting.

“What we’re going to do is try to expand the area where the notice goes because it’s affecting more residents than just in that general area. So whether we need to double the size or make it even larger. The main goal is to make sure the residents are aware that blasting is occurring. So, when they feel a rattle, they hear the noise, they know exactly what’s causing that,” said Seebock.

It is unclear right now if a blasting permit was in place on Super Bowl Sunday when people felt a boom and saw a flash of light after the football game was over.

Seebock identified the company with the blasting permit as Sanders Construction. FOX5 reached out on Friday and left phone messages but did not hear back.


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