LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Friday evening, the Las Vegas community got to know the three victims who died in the mass shooting on UNLV’s campus Wednesday. Beyond that, we got an idea of the impact they’ll leave on the university.

39-year-old Patricia Navarro-Velez was an assistant professor of accounting at UNLV. Her department chair talked about what she was like out of the office.

“Though her professional accomplishments are impressive, Pat’s most important work was at home,” Dr. Jason Smith said. “Pat and her husband David are proud parents of four children and she was blessed to be surrounded with love by her parents, three sisters, a brother, many nieces and nephews and countless friends and colleagues who adored her.”

Dr. Keah-Choon Tan, a professor of business at UNLV, described how deeply dedicated 64-year-old Jerry Chang was to current and future students.

“He loved UNLV so much,” Dr. Tan said tearfully. “His wife discussed some time ago that he would like to donate his body to research at UNLV. Though our medical school doesn’t take a donation like this, Jerry did get his wish to further medical studies of students at another institution. It is a true testimony of how much he loved teaching, research and UNLV and higher education.”

Another poignant moment Friday was a depiction of 69-year-old Naoko Takemaru, an associate professor of Japanese studies, as having more than a heart of a lion.

“Naoko was frail physically, however, she was lion hearted in kindness, lion hearted in generosity, lion hearted in humanity, the point of liberal arts,” associate professor of French Margaret Harp said. “And I have no doubt she was lion hearted in her finals moments on earth. Godspeed Naoko, we are better people for having known you.”


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