LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – In an afternoon media conference on Friday, UNLV President Dr. Keith E. Whitfield noted the “emotional state” the university is in while applauding the performance of the campus police who leaped into action to prevent further casualties.

“Our emotions are swinging like a pendulum,” he noted. “At one moment, people are fine, and in the next moment it feels like they’re being knocked down by a tidal wave of grief and pain.”

He also admitted that it’s going to be “a while” before the university community can return to normal.

“But you know something, that’s okay,” he added. “We’re here for each other, to take care of each other, and with that we’re going to be able to move forward.”

He added that he received a message of “love and support” from President Biden, who made a brief stop in Las Vegas Friday.

Dr. Whitfield thanked the UNLV community at large before addressing the campus police involved in the shooting: Detective Nathaniel Drum, with University Police Services since 2017 and Officer Damian Garcia, with University Police Services since 2018.

“These men and women were going into harm’s way,” he noted. “Not away from harm’s way. They made a difference in how this tragedy was handled.”

“You folks continue to give our campus a sense of safety when we need it the most. We’ll continue to honor and remember our deceased colleagues.”

Dr. Keith E. Whitfield, UNLV President

He also noted that the UNLV community is “incredibly saddened” by the loss of the faculty members who were killed.


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