LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – There are just two more weeks until Super Bowl 58 touches down in Las Vegas.

Preparations are in full swing by every single organization that will be taking part, including those we rely on for medical emergencies.

You see Community Ambulance stationed throughout the valley ready to respond to anything.

What you might not know is they are also on the grounds at Allegiant Stadium during game days.

It is a given that they will be the ones by the field on Super Bowl Sunday with hundreds of their EMS teams tending to the players and the fans.

“It’s typically any game day that we have at the stadium but amplified, or on steroids to speak,” Glenn Simpson, the senior director of Community Ambulance said.

Simpson said the security measures at the stadium will be tight, which means it will not be easy for their ambulances to go in and out.

“We will have an increased presence in and around the stadium as well we will also have an increased presence outside the perimeter,” Simpson said.

Simpson said more than likely if someone needs to be transported they will need to get on a gurney and be taken outside the stadium where there will be more ambulances on standby.

However, they are working with the NFL to make sure there are first aid stations throughout the stadium.

“We are confident that we are prepared to respond from something as simple as someone needing a band-aid to something more catastrophic should that occur,” Simpson said.

Simpson said they started planning for the Super Bowl last year and even until Friday, the plan isn’t fully concrete as they could be changing things up right until game day.


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