LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) -Sanders Construction gave FOX5 a look at its blasting operations in the Lake Las Vegas area after some unexplained booms in recent weeks, along with a flash of light and boom that rattled homes on Super Bowl Sunday.

Sanders Construction officials have permits to blast in the area for new home construction. However, officials say their permit only allows them to blast no later than 4 p.m. on weekdays, only a couple times a week. The company is not allowed to blast on weekends, when the big game happened.

“We were enjoying the game with everybody else,” said Sanders Construction Safety Coordinator Jack Peters.

Several people on social media want to know what they heard and saw on Super Bowl Sunday in the Lake Las Vegas area.

Peters said he suspects the Super Bowl boom may have been fireworks. But can’t say for sure after seeing social media video which shows a flash of light and then a boom about three seconds later.

“So that is a mystery I don’t have an easy explanation on that one,” said Peters.

A Henderson city councilor said last week the company was being asked to pause operations after blasting concerns from some residents. Some people FOX5 has talked to say they were unaware of blasting. Henderson city officials say the company is following its permits and did nothing wrong, but the company says it wants to make sure residents are informed and says people may contact the company to get on a list to be notified when blasts occur. The company says its current list is about six pages.

People in Lake Las Vegas say they have felt unexplained booms, with their houses shaking, for a month or two.

“We realized blasting is inconvenient,” said Peters.

He says it’s the company’s goal to have the least amount of disruption for anyone they have to work around.

“Fortunately, it’s only going to be about twice a week and it’s only going to be about 3:30 in the afternoon. So, if you hear a rumble in the hills here during that time frame during the week, it’s probably us,” said Peters.

Peters say the company has been working in the valley for 54 years and has done big projects, such as moving dirt to make way for Allegiant Stadium. He says the company is working to minimize sound and vibrations in the Lake Las Vegas area. The company is working in an area above South Shore. He says the blasting is underground. He says ammonium nitrate it poured into holes and each hole is set off at a different time.

“What that does is, it creates more of a rumble and reduces any possibility of creating a bang, essentially in the air, because the holes are going off at a slightly different time. That reduces ground vibration as well as noise,” said Peters.

He also says blasts are measure with a seismograph and says the company is well under the threshold of vibrations that are allowed.

Peters says the company has a second permit, which is northwest of homes in Lake Las Vegas. Again, he says blasts happen about twice a week. He says the company plans to be working in the area for the next year. He also says they are getting ready to clear land for home development at the nearby Three Kids Mine, which is just off Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas Parkway.


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