LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A judge has ordered the Clark County School District to turn over records concerning statements that Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara and Chief Communications Officer Tod Story allegedly made on social media.

The Clark County Education Association filed an amended motion seeking those documents on January 16. When asked about a social media comment from Jara’s account, CCEA President Marie Neisess said that, “It alluded to the fact that I was John Vellardita—in this case, the tweet said JV’s mistress—which is the initials for our executive director. So that’s just vile. And as women, when we continually are attacked any time that we’re winning or we’re in a position of power, and men tend to do that, is to do things like slut-shame us is unprofessional.”

“If Superintendent Jara has nothing to hide, he should be able to prove that very easily, rather than having to force the next action of taking them to court to make sure we preserve that Twitter account, and that information isn’t deleted,” Neisess added.

The petition alleges that a separate X account under the name “Luis” may be involved. Neisess said that the “Luis” account was known for attacking critics of the superintendent.

She said the account went silent right after the “mistress” comment was posted on Jara’s account, and it was deactivated shortly after.

“There’s a lot of similarities between what the Luis account was putting out and the superintendent’s account,” said Neisess. “To me, it just seems like that tweet calling me a mistress was really intended to go under the Luis account and accidentally put in under the superintendent’s account, by whomever is controlling both accounts.”

District Court Judge Mary Kay Holthus granted the motion to turn over the documents in a court order filed on January 22. CCSD agreed to produce the relevant records by February 5.

A court hearing after the documents have been produced has been set for February 13.


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