LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The National Park Service has reopened 195 miles of roads in Death Valley National Park, which were previously damaged by flash flooding.

In an announcement on Saturday, NPS revealed that roads through Emigrant Canyon, West Side, Ibex, Saratoga, and Owlshead Roads are now open. The roads had previously been closed due to damage from flash flooding caused by the remnants of Hurricane Hilary.

The National Park Service is reopening nearly 200 miles of previously damaged roads.(National Park Service)

However, West Side Road is being described by officials as “mostly open,” since only 33 miles will be accessible to the public. This includes the stretch from Badwater Road Junction until just north of Trail Canyon Junction. Anything beyond that is an “impassable muddy mess,” according to NPS.

To protect natural resources, the NPS prohibits any attempt to drive this section. It is scheduled for repair by fall.

Repair efforts for the roads included clearing debris, filling in shoulders, and filling in destroyed road sections with aggregate and asphalt cold patches.

So far, NPS has repaired 174 miles of unpaved roads that will also open, however, officials say the repair work is not done yet.

Currently, environmental and archeological assessments are in progress along Titus Canyon Road. Officials say it is set to reopen next spring.

Work also continues in the eastern and northern areas of the park.


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