LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – People driving around the valley with expired or fake temporary dealership tags are costing the state money.

“We still confiscate a number of these daily,” said DMV Compliance Enforcement Division Chief J.D. Decker.

Decker says car registration fees that people are avoiding pay for things like roads, public safety, education and health care.

Decker showed FOX5 how they know some temporary tags are fake.

He says some numbers and letters on tags are out of order. He says some are laminated, saying they are not meant to be kept around since they are only good for 30 days.

He spots temporary tags that have dates altered to make it appear they are current.

People will use fake tags if they are unable to register a car or simply don’t want to pay to register it. People will steal current tags and put them on their car to make it appear their registration is current.

He says thieves will put stolen or fake temporary tags on a stolen car for use in other crimes.

Decker says drivers could face well over a thousand dollars in fines if they are caught with fake tags, which would include fines for no registration or insurance. He says some people also must pay towing costs and impound fees.


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