LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Red Rock Canyon is more than a scenic loop.

To accommodate the high number of visitors daily, parking lots are all over with about 200,000 acres of land.

This makes the national conservation area a target for break-ins.

The Friends of Red Rock Canyon have been working in the area for more than 40 years. The nonprofit organization says it steps in to help raise funding when issues arise.

The Bureau of Land Management reached out to them to work on a solution.

“What they’re finding is it’s not the same smash and grabs that you’ve seen in the past,” said Terri Janison, executive director with Friends of Red Rock Canyon. “They’re seeing a very calculated group of people come out and they’re watching.”

The BLM is looking to install monitored cameras in each of the parking lots to deter crime. While the installation process is ongoing, the group explained how you can keep yourself from being a victim to a car break-in.

“Don’t leave anything in your car, be aware of who’s around you and just make sure you don’t give these people that are watching the opportunity to be able to break into your car,” Janison said.

The group tells FOX5 the BLM will start installing these cameras as the money is being raised they are looking at a goal of about $70,000.

For those who want to support the campaign, here’s the link to donate.


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