LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Super Bowl’s Las Vegas debut is expected to come with a record-breaking price tag.

On top of sky-high ticket costs, hotel, room rates are spiking, which means some fans are opting for more cost-effective options like driving their RVs into town and parking them at local RV parks.

FOX5 called several of those parks and was told they’re either fully-booked for Super Bowl weekend or close to it.

“We’re almost there. I have a couple of spots open,” Riviera RV Park General Manager Danielle Wharton said. “I’m trying to fit everybody in that I can.”

Wharton has been crunching this week to accommodate all the interested callers.

“People are waiting until the last minute to come for the Super Bowl because they wanted to see if their teams qualified,” she explained. “That’s what my conversations have been like for reservations this week.”

Wharton is also getting ready to make plans in case more people call in and there are spots available.

“I’ve had to do that. I’ve had to take a waiting list,” she said. “So if someone cancels, I’ll call you.”

NASCAR and F1 are some of the only other events that call for a waitlist, Wharton says.

Most of the calls coming into Riviera RV Park are coming from people in the San Francisco and Kansas City areas, Wharton says, but also from places where one might not expect to see NFL fans.

“We’re also having people from outside the United States,” she said. “France, Netherlands.”

Thanks in part to the diversity of people gathered at the park, Wharton says the atmosphere surrounding events like the Super Bowl is uniquely fun.

“We’re hoping that everybody comes in, enjoys themselves and has a good time,” she said cheerily.

Wharton has been getting calls from locals looking for long-term spots who say they’ve been turned away by other RV parks who want to hold more spots open for Super Bowl travelers.


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