LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Lake Las Vegas is a hidden gem in our valley, that gives you resort like atmosphere just outside the Las Vegas Strip.

“I think you can tell people but until they actually come out and see it, its hard to get the real view out here,” Dann Battistone, the manager for the Sports Club at the lake said.

The view of Lake Las Vegas is what the 49ers, and the Chiefs will wake up to, as the teams will be calling Lake Las Vegas home until the big game.

Battistone said this is far from anything they could have imagined as the area was not always a pretty sight to see.

“This was all brown at one time during the recession, that was a tough time for all Las Vegas especially Lake Las Vegas,” Battisone said as he showed us their golf course.

Now, the area is booming with businesses, houses and two big hotels.

The 49ers, and the Chiefs will each stay at the Hilton and the Westin.

“I think from a world wide perspective it kind of brings Lake Las Vegas on the map here as far as like I said I think it used to be a secret and the super bowl is a world wide event and I think its a great thing for Lake Las Vegas,” Battistone said.

Kendra Daniels who owns Once Upon A Nail Salon also knows what it felt like when the area was struggling to keep afloat.

“We have grown so much over the past few years the village itself is super full now, we have lots of new businesses like ourselves,” Daniels said.

Daniels tells FOX5 her salon is ready to take on whatever the Super Bowl may bring.

“Its going to make the village very happening, great for the local businesses,” Daniels said.

However, FOX5 asked what Daniels would do if Taylor Swift showed up to her salon as her boyfriend Travis Kelce will be staying in the area.

“Oh I’m so ready for some Swiftie action here, we have magic mimosa potions here so Taylor Swift come on here, get pampered and see what the magic is about,” Daniels said.

The Super Bowl hype is new for the area, but Lake Las Vegas is no stranger to NFL players as during the regular season some of the away teams stay in the area.


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