LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Clark County Family Court judge ruled that a father must surrender all his weapons to Metro Police before he resumes visitations with his children, all in light of a double-murder and suicide at a law office.

The decision was handed down late Wednesday by Clark County Family Court Judge Bill Henderson after tense exchanges from representation of both sides. The two families saw each other for the first time since prominent attorney Dennis Prince and his wife Ashley Prince were shot and killed by attorney Joe Houston, the grandfather to Ashley’s children. Houston represented his son Dylan Houston during the bitter custody dispute.

A judge ruled Dylan Houston’s parental visitations can occur for several hours three days a week, all supervised by Houston’s sister.

“This is a double homicide and a suicide and two extremely vulnerable children. I am trying to protect against any future harm,” Judge Henderson said.

Prior to the murders, Prince had filed for sole custody and a judge granted it. FOX5 told you how Prince’s family continues the fight for sole custody of her children.

Wednesday, representation for the Page family argued for an independent supervisor, visitations in public places, and even requested that a Page family member be present. The judge criticized the last suggestion, believing further contact would be too volatile for the parties involved.

“It doesn’t address our concern of a flight risk. If he’s with [his sister] and she’s pregnant, what is going to stop him from just taking the kids and leaving?” an attorney for the Page family asked the judge.

“I’m supposed to assume absolutely outrageous things not yet supported by the record– which could be true– and suspend all constitutional rights to notice on something as critical as access to children?” Henderson asked, also requesting any Metro documentation of a flight risk.

“My clients are in fear of their life right now,” the representation said, noting concerns over Houston’s personal collection of weapons.

“There’s no indication Dylan has ever used a gun inappropriately in this case,” said Gerald Hardcastle, representation for Houston.

Attorneys for the Page family also referenced previously-submitted documentation of texts from Houston to Prince that the family describes as threatening, as well as concerns over alcohol use. Court documents also show allegations of drug use.

The custody trial is set for April 8 and 9.


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