LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Las Vegas pizza shop says it has uncovered another restaurant posing as them and more than a dozen others on a popular food delivery site.

The small business says they don’t use Uber Eats, so when a customer called about an order from the site they began to investigate and were stunned by what they found.

“Imagine my surprise Saturday evening when a guest called inquiring about menu items we don’t serve. She found us on the Uber Eats platform. I am not on Uber Eats. Never have been, no intentions to be so that is a little bit weird. So, I download the app and searched for Manizza’s Pizza and staring back at me is my own restaurant name with a whole bunch of menu items and photos, things that are not mine at all,” explained Christina Martin in a video posted on social media to explain what she discovered.

“I can’t stand for this, this is insane,” Martin told FOX5 Wednesday night. “I did what gals do best and pulled the address out of the pickup option, put it in Google, found the restaurant that was fulfilling orders underneath my restaurant’s name and I called the owner up and he played dumb like he had no idea what was going on,” Martin recounted. Martin said she uncovered her pizza shop isn’t the only restaurant being impersonated.

“I pulled in the parking lot and I placed a dummy order just to see what would happen and I caught an Uber driver showing up, going in, picking up a pizza and walking out the door that I sent it to a friend’s house. I just couldn’t believe my own eyeballs and I drove home, and I just kept searching and found 15 other local businesses,” Martin revealed. Martin has no idea how long the restaurant impersonation has been going on but said it needs to stop now.

Wednesday night, FOX5 reached out to Uber Eats. A spokesperson tells us they are now trying to track down answers.

FOX5 also reached out to the restaurant at the address where all the orders were tracked back to. They were closed by the time we called them.

We did leave a message asking for a response to these allegations. Since they have not yet had an opportunity to respond, FOX5 is not yet naming that restaurant.


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