LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – High above the Las Vegas Strip, on the rooftop of the Treasure Island, Cory Grucci oversees preparations for the pyrotechnic extravaganza that will cap off “America’s Party – More ‘N 24.”

This year’s show will last eight minutes, and include more than 12,000 fireworks.

“So behind us right now we have our team, they are putting the display together of New Year’s Eve. This is at Treasure Island. Not only do we just have Treasure Island, there will also be a total of 9 properties with an addition of this year with brand new to the strip will be Fontainebleau. So they are right now setting up the body of the show,” says Grucci.

Fireworks by Grucci has been dazzling audiences in Las Vegas with since 1989.

“So Las Vegas is our second home, we’re actually based in New York, Long Island is our home base but being here in Las Vegas this is our second home. We have come out here for many years, this is part of our blood, part of our heritage,” he tells us.

“We’re out here every New Year’s Eve, this is the place to be the entertainment capitol of the world. What is a better place to ring in the New Year?”

With so many years of experience, the Gruccis have it down to a science. Though they never disappoint, they also strive to consistently amaze.

“We are our biggest competitors, to make some change every year. This year the theme is ‘24 ‘N More’ so we’re going with a little bigger and better as always like I said we’re adding Fontainebleau to the NYE show, we’re going to have big things such as 24 carrot gold being sung by Bruno Mars, we’re going to have gold shimmering in the sky, we’re also going to make chalices out of fireworks so as the fireworks come up they’ll have a nice chalice and a little goblet at the bottom,” Grucci shares.

But wait – there’s more.

“So nine properties and in addition to that is Resorts World. We’re adding an aerial sight, not only just the tower the high rise, but we’re also going to have aerial shells, which you see behind me, which will also be at Resorts World parking garage this year.”

Bigger and better is a family tradition with the Gruccis. They’ve delighted audience worldwide since the 1850′s. The family-owned company holds Guinness World Records for both “Largest Fireworks Display” and Largest Pyrotechnic Image.” In the 1870′s, patriarch Angelo Lanzetta, brought the family and the business to Long Island New York, where the tradition, and the pride, continues today.

“So my last name is Grucci, I’m the first of the 7th generation so Christopher my cousin he’s here with me now and we’re continuing the tradition and taking that torch and keeping it going.”

Even though he’s in the family, Grucci tells us he had to rise through the ranks just like everyone else.

“So I actually started at MGM when I first started working here in 2001 I was on the MGM rooftop and worked my way up. This year I will actually be at the Rio at the command center communicating to all the rooftops and coordinating all the fireworks.”

In spite of it being a family affairs, an operation as large as Las Vegas’s New Year’s Eve party takes somewhat of an extended family to pull off.

“There’s 66 pyrotechnicians here in Las Vegas working for Fireworks by Grucci. There’s also another 90 and we have firewatch and spotters and monitors and we’re working with metro police to monitor and keep everyone safe when the fireworks are happening.”

You can watch the skies to witness the Grucci family’s artistry over the length of the Las Vegas Strip when the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, 2024.


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