LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Advocacy group “STOP DUI” continues its message to save saves and keep intoxicated drivers off the roads after dozens of DUI fatalities in 2023.

According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, out of 153 road fatalities up to December 29 of this year, 54 involved a possible DUI driver. The number exceeds the December 29, 2022 year-to-date fatalities of 148.

“We have not reached a point where we can actually rest on our laurels. By midnight tonight, 749 men, women and children will have been killed and injured in alcohol-related crashes somewhere in this country. We’re not even including driving under the influence of marijuana, prescription drugs, illicit drugs,” said STOP DUI founder Sandy Heverly. Her mother Doris Erb was killed by a DUI driver as the family was driving on their way to Disneyland.

The group has had victories, helping push for a state law that could punish hit-and-run drivers with a felony. Heverly also speaks in front of court-mandated classes for convicted DUI drivers.

“In 1982, 67%, of all traffic fatalities were alcohol-related. So we’ve been able to get that down to between 30 to 32%. Although that’s encouraging, that isn’t any consolation to the people who are still being victimized by people who choose to drive under the influence,” Heverly said.

The group works as advocates for victims and their families, offering grief support, court resources for prosecution of perpetrators, and other resources they may need through their journey of healing and recovery. Financial support for rent, funeral services, transportation and medical equipment are available. Services are free.


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