LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A warning for dog owners in the Vegas Valley specifically for French Bulldogs. FOX5 has reported before on thefts of these pricey pooches and now one North Las Vegas family says their beloved pets were taken at gun point.

The family says they are sharing their story to warn other Frenchie owners but also in hopes that it somehow leads to them getting their dogs, who they consider family members, back home safely.

“I am used to getting home from work…and they already know I am coming, and they are just jumping up and down waiting for me to hug them,” a member of their family shared with FOX5. Without two year-old Frenchies Benito and Luna, their family home in North Las Vegas is now eerily quiet.

“We are really devastated,” the owner said. Saturday around noon, the dogs bought for $2,500 each, were taken near Centennial Pkwy. and Loose Road.

“My brother was walking, daily routine…pickup truck slowed down,” the owner recounted. Two men jumped out and demanded the dogs.

“Then three other ones hopped out of the truck with a gun…my brother didn’t want to give them the dogs, so they pushed him and they unleashed them, and they took off with them,” the owner explained.

The entire family, who asked to have their identity withheld, is shaken but desperately want their beloved dogs back. Also over the weekend, another Frenchie owner reported her dog was stolen near the intersection of Cheyenne and Simmons.

Last year, FOX5 reported on the arrest of a Las Vegas man for taking two Frenchies at gunpoint from a pregnant woman in Studio City, California.

In September 2021, FOX5 showed home surveillance video of dogs running away after a thief jumped over a wall in Henderson to take a Frenchie from a backyard when it was let out to go to the bathroom.

From New York to Los Angeles, French Bulldogs have been targeted. Most famously, Lady Gaga’s dogwalker was shot in the chest and two of her pups taken.

Benito and Luna’s family have this warning for other French Bulldog owners: “If they ever walk the streets with their dogs not to be alone…walk with somebody or take them to a dog park.”

The family says they’ve seen stories on social media of Frenchies being stolen but never thought it would happen to them. They are now considering carrying a gun for protection.

NLVPD tells us the investigation into the robbery of Benito and Luna is ongoing.


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