LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – An iconic Las Vegas restaurant owner wrote an open letter on how Formula One disruptions significantly impacted business, and the letter has gained social media traction and even the attention of race coordinators.

Ferraro’s open letter on social media to F1(FOX5)

Gino Ferraro of Ferraro’s Ristorante circulated the letter to Governor Joe Lombardo, Clark County government and tourism leaders and other Congressional representatives. People across social media have continued to share the letter.

“We at Ferraro’s have lost an excess of over 2 million dollars. We employ close to 80 people and their pay was 20 percent less than last year. Who will reimburse Ferraro’s and our staff? Who profited?” the letter states. FOX5 has continued to cover the concerns of numerous businesses, who state that race-related construction and closures have slowed foot traffic and business.

FOX5 met with Ferraro at his recovering restaurant, which is finally busier as the juggernaut CES convention begins.

“This was supposed to be our best year. It was literally six months of hell with my customers,” he said, as diners and drivers vented about long commute times and high ride fares just to get through the Resort Corridor to his location off Paradise Road.

“We needed to do something. This race is not right for Vegas. It will never be right for Vegas,” he said. “Where we go from here? We need answers. We need something done about it,” Ferraro said.

Ferraro tells FOX5, a race leader met with him at the business, this week, and wanted to address his concerns.

Ferraro’s is one of seven businesses asking for some sort of “remedy” from Clark County in a recovery fund to assist businesses, all to avoid a class-action lawsuit.

“I don’t know wherever the money would come from, how you would calculate that. Everything’s on the table. There’s a commitment to hear from people who have been impacted both what had happened, and then ideas of how it could not happen again,” said Commissioner Tick Segerblom to FOX5. He said a lengthy review of the impact on local businesses is forthcoming, and will include at least one public hearing for locals to voice concerns.

“The reality is, there’s ways we can have [the race] come back, but not impact us. We want the business, but we don’t want to destroy Las Vegas in the process,” he said.

FOX5 also reached out to Chair Jim Gibson; a spokesperson said there could be no comment because of concerns over pending litigation.

FOX5 has reached out multiple times to Formula One but has not heard back.


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