LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The city of Henderson is among a growing list of cities and counties in Nevada and beyond that hope to save you costs on an unexpected ride to the hospital in an ambulance.

Henderson city officials said 400 households and 3,000 subscribers have joined their ambulance subscription program.

Costs start at $59 a year per person and increase per household member. A membership offers two medically necessary ambulance rides per year. You also get a free course on CPR with a membership.

Typical costs for an ambulance ride are far more: in unincorporated Clark County, an ambulance ride starts at $1,049 and rises based on other factors.

A Nevada state survey shows medical bills cause financial hardship for one in three people.

Boulder City, Mesquite, Carson City, Storey County and Lyon County are among other Silver State jurisdictions offering their own form of subscriptions or memberships.

“It was solving two of our goals. It was going to help ease the burden financial burden for residents, as well as getting more people trained in CPR,” said Deputy Chief Scott Vivier, who also signed up his mother for the program. Vivier said she is on a fixed income, like many older residents in the Henderson area.

For more information, click here: LifeRide Ambulance Membership | Henderson, NV (


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