LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Over the past three months, the city of Henderson has seen over 40 reported properties burglarized, according to the city’s crime mapping system.

Most recently, a suspect beat an elderly couple in their home and another homeowner pulled a gun on the suspect.

FOX5 is learning of a resource the Henderson Police Department (HPD) provides to the community.

A team of officers focuses on crime-free housing. It allows them to interact with apartment complexes and senior living centers to stay proactive. They meet with property managers regularly.

Officer Sterling Candland with Henderson police says when there’s an uptick in calls of service to a particular area police will come to inspect your home or business. They will offer solutions to things that could leave your property vulnerable to thieves.

“Things that we talk about is kind of trying to harden your target, your house is your target, and if you harden it because most burglaries are a crime of opportunity, and if you make your house less opportunistic, the burglar wants to move on,” Candland explained.

You can submit a request to have Henderson police come out to your neighborhood.

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