LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Video obtained by FOX5 shows three suspects stealing thousands of dollars in equipment from a Las Vegas pickleball store.

The store’s manager, Conrad Corona, says the footage captures the suspects stealing thousands of dollars in equipment last week. The group included a man and two women – one carrying a child – entering the store and exiting minutes later.

Corona says, during that time, the group stuffed about 15 paddles into their clothing, costing an estimated $5,000.

“I was engaging more so with the male, it seems he was distracting me, asking me questions about tennis rackets, and leading me away,” Corona says. ”In five minutes, they took I believe it was 15 paddles. It was so fast.”

Corona doesn’t believe this is the group’s first time around the block.

Surveillance video from a different Game Set Match Store in Colorado shows a man and a woman looking around for only a couple of minutes, before appearing to stuff their bags and leaving.

“It’s unbelievable how quick they are. But they’re professional, they know what they’re doing,” Conrad says.

Game Set Match officials say between January and February of this year, 120 paddles, costing around $30,000, were stolen from three different Game Set Match locations in Colorado.

In the valley, Corona put a new policy into place to help employees be more vigilant and has rearranged the store to eliminate blind spots for thieves to hide in.

Conrad reported the incident to Metro on Tuesday.

And his message to the suspects? “I hope you guys get caught, you’ve done enough damage not only to this store but other stores and other merchants across the county.”


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