LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – On Super Bowl Sunday, football fans will be hear a voice booming through Allegiant Stadium. But it won’t necessarily be Patrick Mahomes or Brock Purdy. It will be Beer Man Bruce.

“Beer!” is the calling of Henderson resident Bruce Reiner who has been selling beers at sporting events mostly around Southern Nevada for 25 years. His loud booming voice and ability to make people laugh – and buy beer – have earned him the name Beer Man Bruce from fans of all sports.

“To me, it’s not always about selling the beer or the water or the nuts”, Reiner said. “It’s about the fans and the fan experience. Because that’s what it’s all about. It’s about entertainment.”

Sunday Reiner will be working his third Super Bowl, but this one will be special because it’s in his adopted hometown.

“Come on by and don’t be shy,” Reiner said using some of the schtick he uses on game days. “Give my beer a little try. Don’t you holler and don’t you cry, just come by and say hi.”

Entertaining comes naturally to Reiner who works in the entertainment industry and was a longtime music executive. His brother convinced him to leave Los Angeles and join him in Las Vegas and then encouraged Reiner to take a side gig as a beer hawker. This Sunday, he hopes to sell a beer to Taylor Swift and has a “Swiftie Beer Call” ready for her.

“Tay Tay shake it off,” Reiner shouted. “I’m your beer man in the grandstand. From Kelce’s hometown of Cleveland. So you know I’m a good man. So get a beer here from Beer man Bruce, on the loose here at Big Game 58.”

The twists of all twists in this tale of Beer Man Bruce. He’ll never be a customer. Reiner doesn’t like the taste of beer. He just likes to sell it and put a smile on people’s faces in the process.


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