LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A $180,000 fine for an illegal Airbnb sparked debate across the Las Vegas Valley, and as another homeowner tries to appeal their fine, one Las Vegas city leader tells FOX5 the process is about accountability.

FOX5 was the first news outlet to break the decision on a $180,000 fine. Code enforcement told city officials that over the two-year investigation, following warnings and an acknowledgement by the homeowner that the activity would stop, the property continued to be listed and occupied by guests intermittently for 360 days.

At $500 a day, the penalty ballooned to $180,000. The homeowner said the tenant was responsible for the continued illegal bookings. An appeal was denied.

Now another home off Buffalo Drive and Sahara Avenue faces a $87,000 fine. The home is worth $1.1 million per Zillow.

Code enforcement documented, starting in January 2022, 10 visits to the property and numerous warnings. Bookings on VRBO and Airbnb showed daily rates ranged from $400 to close to $1,000.

At a violation of $500 a day for 174 days, fines added up to $87,000. Attorneys appealed the fine and a hearing is set for February 7.

An attorney declined comment to FOX5.

“They were warned. We’ve had to do several investigations on that property, then several complaints. When we ask people to stop renting their property, and they don’t, we’re definitely going to hold them accountable,” said Councilwoman Victoria Seaman. The house is in her ward; she said city councilmembers will hear what the homeowner’s team has to say, then vote accordingly on the appeal.

Seaman said prospective homeowners need to do their research on laws before buying a home and using it for business purposes.

“Any type of business that you’re going to do in any city, the city of Las Vegas, the County, wherever –you have to find out what those restrictions are before you do it. If you buy into a neighborhood that doesn’t allow Airbnbs, then you are now infringing on other people’s homeowner rights,” she said.


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