LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Animal Foundation announced Friday they are working to get the dogs involved in a massive animal hoarding case groomed and looking their best.

Most of the dogs came in matted and dirty, a representative explained, adding it’s quite a process to make sure they are as good as new.

Police say Timothy Miller and Carolyn Luke allegedly hoarded the animals. In court Thursday they both pleaded not guilty.

Timothy Miller & Carolyn Luke accused in Las Vegas Valley animal hoarding case(Boulder City Police Department)

Boulder City Police say they found 51 guinea pigs and rabbits, with 11 of the guinea pigs dead, inside a variety of plastic totes and luggage.

On the other side of town, after receiving search warrants, Metro police found 33 dogs inside a hotel room, with 12 of them already dead. The search warrant on the suspects’ house found 15 dogs and more guinea pigs.

Although the dogs are not ready to be adopted or fostered as of right now, the foundation has set up an Amazon registry with items that would go straight to the animals. It is unclear how long the animals will be on a legal hold.

The two people accused of hoarding the animals will be back in court April 11.


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