HENDERSON, Nev. (FOX5) – The Henderson Police Department said an argument over phones led to a shooting involving two minor brothers, killing one late January of this year.

FOX5 obtained the arrest reports of the brothers’ parents, 51-year-old Jerel and Bryanna Reyes, 50. The documents provided details into what happened moments leading up to the shooting.

Police said they responded to the 1000 block of Capital Gains Drive around 7:12 p.m. on Jan. 25. Police said they responded to Henderson Hospital and to the residence. According to the arrest report, the 12-year-old brother, who shot in the chest, was transported by Jerel to the hospital before waiting for police.

Henderson PD previously told FOX5 that one of the 12-year-old’s siblings, his 14-year-old brother, shot him. The arrest report says he was booked the same day of the incident into the Clark County Juvenile Hall on one count of open murder. Three sons, a daughter and her boyfriend, and the parents all reside in the home, police noted.

The arrest report says due to the limitations within Henderson Hospital, the 12-year-old was taken to Sunrise Hospital. Police say he went into cardiac arrest. Shortly after arriving at Sunrise, the boy died.

At the residence, police made contact with Bryanna and one of her sons who were inside the garage. The arrest report does not identify the sons, but it reports that her son told police “I was the shooter, it was an accident.”

A search warrant was granted to resume investigation. Police say the shooting happened in the first floor of the home in the living room. A 9mm semi-automatic firearm was recovered from the sofa.

It was reported that 15 firearms were located throughout the residence. Police said they were in unsecured locations and “within reach of the juveniles.”

Police interviewed one of the sons. According to the interview, he says the shooting happened over an argument about phones. The argument led to the 14-year-old brother threatening his 12-year-old sibling with a gun “for self defense.” However, he says he did not know the handgun was loaded because it is normally kept unloaded.

Police also interviewed Jerel and Bryanna Reyes in the investigation. Jerel admitted to owning several handguns and taking his family out shooting in the desert three to four times a year. In the arrest report, Jerel says he stresses to his family about gun safety and takes protection in their home seriously.

Police noted in the arrest, “while speaking with Jerel about these specifics, he was very forthcoming and acted as if it was a normal situation for his minor children to possess and carry a loaded and unholstered firearm while inside the house.”

Jerel told police he feared for his family’s safety and allowed his boys to carry a firearm around the house after they moved from Hawaii to Las Vegas in 2017.

Police said he also admitted that he knew it was negligent to leave firearms unsecured and all over the house. It was noted that the family also has a German Shepherd dog for extra security.

Both Jerel and Bryanna told Henderson PD that violence like this never happened in their house until now. The two were booked on Feb. 7 for one count each of child abuse and neglect.


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