LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The man accused of stabbing a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police K9 officer told police he was “coming” for them as he bounded down his apartment staircase, his apartment on fire behind him.

Thurman Lowe, 64, is accused of setting the fire, instigating a barricade and stabbing LVMPD K9 Enzo during the hours-long incident in downtown Las Vegas Friday afternoon. K9 Enzo is expected to live despite his injuries, according to LVMPD.

Thurman Lowe has been identified as the suspect who stabbed a Metro K9 downtown last Friday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says.

According to an arrest report, Lowe called police to report that he was stabbing himself and threatened to continue stabbing himself if police responded. When police arrived on scene at the building near Las Vegas Boulevard and Charleston, Lowe was reportedly yelling obscenities, refusing to answer the door or phone and refusing to exit the apartment.

That’s when smoke began to come out from under the door, activating the fire alarms, police said. LVMPD started to evacuate the building and set up a tactical plan to enter the apartment.

Before police could enter, Lowe reportedly exited the apartment with a knife in his right hand. LVMPD told Lowe to drop the weapon, which he reportedly refused to do. LVMPD said it started to deploy a “low lethal 40 mm launcher,” commonly known as rubber or bean-bag type bullets.

Lowe then reportedly said, “I’m coming to get you!” and ran toward two officers while holding the knife in a threatening manner, the arrest report said. Police continued to deploy the less-lethal bullets, but Lowe continued.

When the suspect reached the ground floor, LVMPD deployed K9 Enzo, who latched onto Lowe. That’s when Lowe reportedly swung the knife, stabbing the K9 8-9 times, the report said.

SWAT deployed a ballistic shield and rushed toward Lowe, knocking him to the ground, the report said.

A Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department K9 stabbed in the line of duty on Friday is in stable condition and expected to live.

Lowe was taken to UMC Trauma and was listed as stable, police said. K9 Enzo was transported in critical condition.

The arrest report notes that Lowe was wanted for murder and a parole violation for forced sodomy. According to St. Louis County Police, Lowe is wanted in connection to a Jan. 9 killing of 46-year-old Freddie Tribbett. Prosecutors allege that Lowe shot into Tribbett’s home before Lowe was seen lighting items on fire and leaving, allegedly to cover up the crime.

Lowe didn’t appear in Las Vegas Justice Court Tuesday due to medical reasons. His next court hearing was set for April 4.


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