LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Sunrise Children’s Hospital is providing a new way for children, teens and adults to gain access to books inside of its building.

Friday morning, the hospital had a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its book lending machine.

“We are at Sunrise Children’s Hospital doing a ribbon-cutting for our library lending machine. This allows the public and people at the hospital to borrow books in either English or Spanish and also return books to this location,” said Kelvin Watson, executive director with the Las Vegas Clark-County Library District. “This becomes another library location within the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District.”

Here’s how it works: Officials say those with a free library card, visitors can experience a “new user-friendly” book vending machine that dispenses both English and Spanish books.

The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District had a ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday morning of their book lending machine at Sunrise Children’s Hospital.

“It’s about access, providing access to parents and kids. This is something to do in the waiting room. It provides it for the public and staff who are working many hours in the hospital who can’t make it to our other locations,” Watson said. “Now they have access through this kiosk.”

Watson says a digital card will work at the kiosk. It’s their second location after the first at Boulevard Mall last May.

The machine is known as the “Library at Sunrise Children’s Hospital.” Officials say the machine houses 235 books and it’s located at the renovated entrance on Maryland Parkway.

″Today is such an exciting day. The most exciting days I had when I was younger was getting my library card. I would go each and every week to the library,” said Todd P. Sklamberg at CEO of Sunrise Hospital and Sunrise Children’s Hospital. “We are pleased to work with the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District to introduce the new evolution.”


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