LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – New concerns are being raised following Dr. Jesus Jara’s decision to submit a letter of resignation to the Clark County School District.

Superintendent Jara is seeing a buyout of his existing contract in exchange for his stepping down. If the CCSD Board of Trustees approves the resignation deal at next Wednesday’s meeting, he’d be succeeded by his number two – Dr. Brenda Larsen Mitchell.

Clark County School District Superintendent Jara submits resignation letter, seeks buyout

But some worry that no other candidates are being considered. Others are concerned with the lack of public input into the selection process.

FOX5 spoke with former CCSD trustee Danielle Ford about those issues.

“Everybody is very upset because the Superintendent of a large urban district is an important position and the people should have a say into who is hired of course it is the board’s decision…but to not bring any candidates forward that is just unheard of,” said Ford. “We certainly haven’t done it that way in Clark County in at least 30 years.”

Meanwhile, the teachers union calls the timing of Jara’s exit “suspicious.” Clark County Education Association President Marie Neisses tells FOX5 the recent lawsuit the union filed against the superintendent prompted the move.

Niesses accuses Jara of calling her a “mistress” on social media. He claims his account was hacked, but the union wants the school district to fire him.

Court orders CCSD to turn over Jara’s social media records

The union claims Jara wants nearly $500,000 for his resignation. The teachers group says it wants him to walk away empty-handed.

”We believe it is based the superintendent is going to be held accountable on a lawsuit that is going to expose him for engaging in very inappropriate behavior as well as lying to the public and lying to these trustees, grounds for discharge, termination, a buyout of $500,000 is unacceptable, a continuation of failed leadership is unacceptable,” says Niesses.

Again, the CCSD Board of Trustees will consider Jara’s request during next week’s meeting. FOX5 will continue to follow this developing stories and bring you new details as they arise.


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