LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The NFL selected three local Las Vegas designers to create official NFL merchandise and Super Bowl LVIII swag, all part of an effort to highlight local creators and their contributions to the fashion industry.

The effort is called NFL “Origins.” A spokesperson tells FOX5, NFL officials scour the internet and social media for some of the best that a host city has to offer.

Feature, which got its start in Chinatown off Spring Mountain in 2010, offers a mix of high-end designers with streetwear as part of “sneaker culture.”

“We found the cheapest rent that we could possibly find and that’s why we chose Chinatown. We kind of got in with some entry level brands. Throughout the years, just hustled and grinded,” said co-founder EJ Luera. Chinatown tourism has grown significantly, leading to success with foot traffic.

“We built credibility in the boutique community started getting higher-end brands, We remodeled this store three or four times. Some of those higher-end brands started to give us love. As we grew our vendor list and our product mix, I think more people started to pay attention to who we were,” he said.

Feature has expanded to the Wynn, Los Angeles, Scottsdale and soon San Diego. Clients come from all over the world to visit stores.

“As a locally grown smaller retailer, to get access to someone with such a big platform like the NFL, it actually is really difficult. When you have programs like Origins go out into the community and make an effort to be inclusive to locals and local businesses, it really is a blessing,” Luera said.

“I was shocked when the NFL reached out to me being a small business and a handmade artist. It was such an honor to be able to even talk to them about this opportunity,” said Walanya Vongsvirates of Love, Hand + Heart, who makes earrings by hand and was selected to create earrings and keychains.

“To be selected to represent Las Vegas was a huge honor,” she said.


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