LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Angela Pepe, who began her journey to the Super Bowl by feeding the homeless, is getting all she can out of the biggest week in sports.

“We’re working on Super Bowl cookies for tailgate and postgame parties,” she told FOX5 Thursday. “We’re also working on Valentine’s Day because it’s shortly after Super Bowl Sunday.”

All this is happening after 14 months of involvement with the NFL Business Connect program, helping Pepe lock in plans to bake cookies for some big events before and after the Super Bowl.

“We’ve worked long days, long hours, to get everything done,” she said.

Years ago, Pepe began making cookies as a passion project.

“I originally started this as a nonprofit feeding cookies to the homeless in the parks in Las Vegas and Henderson,” she explained.

Pepe turned that project into Curly Top Baker in 2018, and since then has donated some of her profits to feed the homeless.

“The cookies aren’t just cookies,” she said. “We have a tagline that says ‘more than just a cookie’ because it’s our giveback as well.”

Even though she comes up with new flavors every month, Pepe took this Super Bowl week as an opportunity to represent the glamour of Las Vegas.

“We re-analyzed our cookie look,” she said. “We believe that you eat with your eyes first, so visually, we want the cookie to pop out.”

After baking cookies for several events leading up to Sunday, Pepe will be making more for a big tailgate party before the Super Bowl on Sunday — and for a postgame party at Caesars Palace as well. She expects to be out from 7:30 in the morning until well past midnight.


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