LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Parents of some Arbor View High School wrestlers say students abruptly found out they would not be competing in a weekend wrestling tournament at Clark High School.

“The Arbor View High School junior varsity wrestling team will not take part in one non-league tournament and one league match due to a staffing change,” read a statement to FOX5 from CCSD.

The district did not reveal any names or what led to the staffing change.

“CCSD expects all coaches to follow NIAA guidelines and encourage good sportsmanship from student-athletes by modeling and teaching appropriate behavior both on and off the field of play,” read the statement.

Some parents of wrestlers say they’re frustrated they were left in the dark about the last-minute changes.

“I think ultimately where our biggest concern is, the principal has said nothing to us. We didn’t know the tournament was going to be canceled. We’ve already paid our money; we’ve paid our dues. And now just to have our students be like, sorry this is it and then cut short. That was unfortunate. We don’t know really what’s going on and our principal has been stuck behind his office door and not willing to talk to us,” said Arbor View parent Leslie Shaffer.

“They legitimately put their sweat, blood and tears into this on the mat. And for them to just kind of dismiss them is infuriating. This is their future. They’re looking at scholarships, they’re looking at schools, they’re looking at getting better. And they don’t seem to care about the program at all,” said Arbor View parent Lana Gonzales.

Parents also said if there was some kind of ongoing investigation, arrangements should have been made so other coaches could have stepped in to allow the junior varsity team to still compete this weekend.

FOX5 reached out to the school’s principal but did not hear back.

The district also said the school worked as quickly as possible to address the matter with parents and guardians. CCSD said the varsity wrestling team’s schedule is not impacted.


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