LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A Las Vegas mom is desperate to get her children out of a war zone.

They are trapped in Gaza where, according to Palestinian statistics, one in every 100 people has been killed since the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel.

“Please save my family from death” is the title of Najat Elgeberi’s GoFundMe account. Elgeberi has lived in Las Vegas for two years working as an assistant professor for UNR.

“There are no schools left. No universities left. There are no hospitals left. No homes, even their house was demolished,” Elgeberi described. The Gaza that Elgeberi left to come study in the US is a shell of its former self, no longer a safe place for anyone. One-third of the 28,000 people who have died since October are children. Elgeberi’s mind is never far from hers.

“My son Ahmad is almost 17. This year he was supposed to go through his senior year of high school. He has always been first in his class. He is a high achiever, and my daughter is the same thing. She is also super smart. She always dreamed to be a teacher,” Elgeberi beamed.

Elgeberi was unable to bring her children to the US. Her ex-partner would not allow it, and under local law, it was up to him, but he now agrees there is nothing in Rafah for his children but danger.

“I cannot sleep thinking of my kids and my family. I lost 20 family members already,” Elgeberi revealed. Elgeberi’s children have been forced to sleep in a tent and go days with no communication as the bombings continue. Elgeberi feels helpless as family and friends are forced to live around so much death and destruction and is desperate to get her children out.

“I never asked any person in my life for help. It is literally the first time ever in my life, because I just reached a point, I just want them to be safe,” Elgeberi contended.

Elgeberi’s first goal is to raise the funds to get her children across the border to Egypt, which would be about $5,000 apiece.

Elgeberi says her sister, brother-in-law, and their four children under 15 are also trapped in Gaza and she would like to find a way to get them to safety too.


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