LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – A renewed call for safety around local middle schools is the center of discussion.

FOX5 has reported before about pushes at different schools by parents calling for crossing guards, but that call will finally be heard by county commissioners who will soon vote to make a change.

Now a local mom is organizing a rally to push for change as well after her son was hit while riding his bike to school.

It happened Jan. 30 near Buffalo and Cactus.

Rayan Kim, 11, is a 6th grader who was excited to ride his bike to school.

“The accident day he left home ‘mom, I go to school, love you, see you soon,’” Rayan’s mom said.

His mom said it has been nearly two weeks since she has been able to hear Rayan’s voice.

“I can’t explain my feeling, ” she said.

His mom does not want FOX5 to identify her and chose to not show her face, but she said Jan. 30 was the first day Rayan was allowed to ride his bike to school.

“I raised him as a single mom, I can say he raised me, he teached [sic] me what is love,” she said.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police say a pick up truck was stopped at a stop sign by Cactus and Cliff Lake when Rayan was entering into the intersection when the truck hit him, threw Rayan off his bike and then he was run over by the truck.

Rayan was minutes away from Gunderson Middle School, which is the same school where last fall a parent petitioned for crossing guards.

“He cut his face, neck, belly who can handle just seeing,” the mom said.

Despite all of this Rayan’s mom is also advocating for change, holding and taking part in a rally next week Infront of Clark County Commissioner’s building. They will vote for more funding to hire more crossing guards, which has been a discussion amongst commissioners since Nov. 2023 after 38 students were hit that year.

“Kids don’t deserve to have this happen, we must protect them. That’s why I decided to be strong,” the mom said.

FOX5 called Clark County School District and they say it is up to each jurisdiction provide crossing guards. FOX5 has reported before, typically middle schools don’t get crossing guards.


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