LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Thousands of pet owners are finding out that their pet insurance is dropping them.

Nationwide is letting 100,000 pet owners know they will no longer be covered under their current plan. FOX5 has found the unexpected notice is affecting pet owners here in Nevada.

“I was mad and I was very upset,” Rebecca Hansen said. “You know, I work really hard to keep my dogs, you know, well conditioned, well trained, and that includes, you know, quality veterinary care.”

Hansen got a surprise letter from Nationwide informing her that her 7-year-old dog Sonic would be one of the 100,000 being dropped from their current plan.

“There was nothing I could do. I just had to either let them cancel me, or reenroll with a brand new policy,” Hansen said.

However, a new policy would mean that any pre-existing conditions that Sonic had would not be covered.

“We pay into pet insurance when our animals are young, so that it’s there for us when they’re older, when things start happening,” Hansen said. “Nationwide just ripped the carpet right out from under their customers, you know, with no excuses and no remorse.”

In a press release, Nationwide’s reason is that “inflation, the cost of veterinary care and other factors have led to recent underwriting changes and the withdrawal of some products in some states.”

The company said this is being done on a statewide level but did not give details about who exactly would be affected or where.

Between now and next summer, Nationwide will let pet owners know if they are being cut. For now, Hansen said she is worried about what other pet parents will go through if they can’t afford pet care.

“It could cost the pet its life if they aren’t able to continue with its care,” Hansen said.

Hansen’s policy would expire this summer.

FOX5 did reach out to Nationwide to get more clarity on which particular plans would be affected, but they only referred us back to their original release.


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