LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Illegal backyard breeding is a tough issue to fight at a time when many shelters or rescue groups find themselves full.

FOX5 found out about a young puppy who was born with deformities as a result of backyard breeding. Amelia is a 4-month-old Shih Tzu puppy who should be doing what puppies do best.

Instead, the little pup can barely walk.

“Her brain is there, because she is smart and she understands stuff,” Mayte Garcia of Mayte’s Rescue said.

Garcia rescued Amelia after her owner did not want her anymore.

“It was a backyard breeder who gave her the dog for free,” Garcia said.

Amelia’s fate was close to the end if Garcia did not rescue her.

“Once she realized there was something wrong with the puppy, she went to the backyard breeder and said, ‘Hey something is wrong with her,’ and the breeder said, ‘Just put her in the trash and dump her in the trash, I will get you another one,,” Garcia said. “It’s heartbreaking.”

Through her work in rescue, Garcia said many dogs from backyard breeders end up dumped or just out in the streets.

“This is critical. We have shelters and rescues bursting at the seams,” Annoula Wylderich said. “At this point, with the animal crisis we are seeing right now, it would be catastrophic.”

Wylderich works closely with Clark County Animal Protection Services to help them crack down on backyard breeders.

She and another private resident gather information from tips and dig into them.

“The way we follow up, we will dig a little up, names, addresses, what types of dogs are being advertised what they are asking for those animals. That info is turned over to animal control and they will follow up,” Wylderich said.

Wylderich was the one who let FOX5 know about Amelia’s condition, knowing there are many dogs like her that are out there.

Clark County Animal Protection Services tells FOX5 if a person is caught taking part in backyard breeding, they have five weeks to spay or neuter the animal before appearing in front of a judge. If not, you could be facing fines.

Animal Protection Services also said they do not confiscate the animals unless the situation turns into a case of neglect or abuse.

However, they do rely on complaints and tips to follow up on backyard breeders, so if you suspect it is happening in your neighborhood, make sure to call Animal Protection Services.

To report a complaint, contact dispatch at 702-455-7710, Monday-Sunday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m.


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