LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is launching a new software system to help improve wait times and end appointment backlog.

The DMV is switching over to the WaitWell queue management system, which will overtake its current system, QMatic. Metropolitan offices will have a QR code to check in for their appointments and one on Walk-in Wednesdays only where they scan the code and join the virtual queue line. It texts customers a reminder the day before their appointment and also allows appointments to be canceled.

Rural offices will have one QR code to join the virtual walk-in line (since they do not offer appointments).

“With this we really think it is going to combat that issue of people waiting here all day, you can still go get things done that you need to get done here without physically waiting in the office,” Hailey Foster, a spokesperson for the NV DMV said.

The new queue system has already been tested in the Reno and Fallon offices and will launch in Southern Nevada in late April.


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