LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – 99 Cents Only Stores are shutting down nationwide, and Las Vegas shoppers are rushing to the register to get the bargains before they’re gone.

“Swamped. It’s packed full of people; they’ve got lots of merchandise. We go to the one in Henderson, and that one’s packed also,” said Esther Kabbani at a 99 Cents Only store in Las Vegas Sunday.

Bargain shoppers in the valley spent some coin on Sunday, flocking to 99 cents-only stores before they close.

Last week, the company announced that all locations in Nevada and across the country will be shutting down. The CEO cited struggles from COVID-19, inflation, and product theft.

“It was a surprise,” said Kabbani. “Wasn’t expecting it to happen because it’s pretty big. They’re about as big as Walmart.”

Soon, Nevada shoppers who rely on these stores to check off their grocery lists will have to look elsewhere for these items, and possibly at an upcharge.

“I got a couple of collectibles from there, but usually we go in there for food and stuff,” said shopper Nino Kabbani.

“Maybe once a week, little things here and there, some items that you can’t find anywhere else, certain items,” said Kabbani.

Although some shoppers say those items aren’t much of a bargain anymore. Since the company started in the 1980′s, 99 Cents Only Stores has struggled to keep up with its namesake.

“The thing is when they first opened, it was 99.9 cents,” said Kabbani. “Now, they’re up to regular supermarket prices, so what’s the sense? And maybe that’s why they’re closing, I don’t know.”

99 Cents Only Stores has locations in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Texas, including at least 17 in the Las Vegas Valley. The stores are now selling off their merchandise at an even bigger bargain before all 371 stores close for good.

“Their storerooms in the back are stocked because I peeked back there, so they still have to put all that stuff out,” Kabbani said.


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