LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – The teacher who was brutally beaten two years ago by one of her students has filed a lawsuit against Clark County School District, alleging that they didn’t properly protect her before the attack.

The teacher, identified in the lawsuit as “Sade Doe,” names the school district, former Supt. Dr. Jesus Jara and Eldorado High School Principal Christina Brockett as defendants. The lawsuit details the April 7, 2022 attack in brutal detail. Jonathan Eluterio Martinez Garcia, an Eldorado student at the time, eventually pleaded guilty to the attack and is currently serving a 16 to 40 year sentence.

Eldorado attack on teacher

The lawsuit alleges that the school was aware of behavioral issues with Martinez Garcia before the attack, but didn’t warn the teacher before she allowed him into her classroom after he said he wanted to review missing assignments. Martinez Garcia then eventually choked and beat the teacher before sexually assaulting her.

The teacher reportedly kept pleading with the student during the attack. He said she was his favorite teacher but part of him also hated teachers, saying “all teachers must die,” and that he needed revenge, the lawsuit said.

“Plaintiff’s limp and brutally beaten body was found in her classroom by the school’s custodian over an hour and a half after the vicious attack began,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit alleges that the school district required the teacher to be available for office hours but no one heard her screams or cries for help during the attack, and no one was monitoring surveillance cameras. The teacher also alleges that she was only notified of a “panic button” in her classroom about a month before the attack, but that the button didn’t even work.

“At one point prior to this incident, a student in Plaintiff’s classroom had pushed the panic button several times, but nothing happened and no one appeared,” the lawsuit said.

Following the attack, the school district spent $26 million to upgrade security at Eldorado High School.

The price tag for security upgrades at Eldorado High School was $26 million, while other schools received investments at only a fraction of the cost.

“CCSD knew about the lack of safety and security at CCSD schools, including Eldorado High School, and failed to take proper action sooner,” the lawsuit said. “After Plaintiff nearly lost her life, an ‘emergency security upgrade’ was finally implemented at Eldorado High School and an agreement was entered into for over $26 million to implement these upgrades.”

The teacher is no longer teaching in the school district.


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