LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Following Monday’s deadly shooting at Prince Law Firm in Summerlin, other lawyers in the Las Vegas Valley are speaking out to FOX5.

Richard Harris, a prominent lawyer in Southern Nevada who specializes in personal injury, tells FOX5 he knew Joe Houston for more than 40 years. Harris said he is “stunned and shaken” after Monday’s shooting.

Harris described Houston as a “good lawyer with a strong presence and  aggressive.”

As FOX5 reported, Houston shot and killed Dennis Prince and his wife, Ashley Prince, before turning the gun on himself.

Two victims and a suspect are dead following a shooting inside a Summerlin law office on Monday morning.

Houston was representing his son, Dylan, who was in the middle of a years-long custody battle with his ex-wife Ashley, regarding their two kids. Records show Ashley was being represented by Dennis Prince.

Harris said he had known Dennis for more than 30 years as well.

“Dennis is aggressive too, and likes to win at all costs,” he said.

They were meeting for a deposition before shots rang out as court records show Ashley had filed an emergency motion for sole custody on Monday.

According to Harris, he was well aware of the custody battle that had been going on.

“Family law, custody battle is tough enough,” Harris said when speaking about the close connection the counsel had on each side.

Harris went on to say that it is a “shame it ended this way.”

Harris said though the city of Las Vegas is big, the legal community is small and typically everyone interacts in a friendly nature.


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