LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Michael Lasso, law clerk for Judge Mary Kay Holthus, received the Citizen of the Month award from the City of Las Vegas. The award was presented by Mayor Carolyn Goodman.

In a viral video, 30-year-old Deobra Redden is seen leaping over a 4-foot high bench and onto Judge Holthus. Lasso was also seen in the video attempting to pull Redden away from Holthus.

“In January, he intervened to stop a defendant from attacking the judge in her courtroom,” the city said. “The defendant jumped over the judge’s bench and attacked her, but Lasso and corrections officers were able to pull the man away to save the judge.”

At the presentation was also his family and girlfriend.

“I would expect nothing more,” said Lasso’s father. “That’s the kind of man he is. We are very proud of him and I’m not surprised he acted the way he did. His high school football might have helped.”

Lasso spoke at presentation saying it felt like any “normal day.” On the day of the attack, he said defendants about to be remanded into custody get nervous, and sometimes run to the door.

“This particular defendant, instead of making a run for the door, he made a run at the judge which was very unusual,” he said.

He spoke about the viral video. He said the events that played out felt a lot faster.

“The video honestly doesn’t even do it justice, as to just how fast it really was,” he said. “I mean, it went from just any normal day to honestly just havoc. It was in a blink of an eye and there really wasn’t much time to think or react so I think anyone sitting in my chair would have done the same.”

Lasso says he feels the support from the community, for the judge and marshal.

“It’s just been so surreal and getting this award is just so humbling honestly, it really is,” he said. “Mayor Goodman honored me as the Citizen of the Month and it’s just surreal, so incredible, it’s just amazing.”

Judge Holthus attended his award presentation and stood next to him for photos.

The law clerk who helped the Las Vegas judge being attacked in the courtroom in early January was recognized by the city as February’s Citizen of the Month.(City of Las Vegas)

FOX5 learned that she was slammed into a marble wall and her hair was pulled. We also obtained new video showing Redden being transported to a holding cell and spitting at officers.

WARNING: Viewer discretion is advised. FOX5 obtained new grand jury evidence of photos behind the bench after Deobra Redden was seen leaping on a Vegas judge.

Grand jury interviews say Redden told officers that the judge “had it out for him and got what she deserved.”

Prior to the attack, he acknowledged his lengthy criminal record to Holthus and said, “I am a person who never stops trying to do the right thing.” He spoke on behalf of his mental health and said he was in a “better place” and not doing drugs or committing crime.

Holthus acknowledged what he said, but because of his criminal record, she continued to sentence him.

He is due back in court on Feb. 29.


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