LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Lee Canyon Ski Resort’s hoping for a cold start to 2024.

“Here we are in late December, and here we’re looking for snow making temperatures, so it looks like we’ll get a good window coming into the new year,’ said Jim Seely, the resorts’s marketing director.

Lee Canyon added some upgrades during the off-season, despite a bout with late-summer monsoons. A new lift and parking lot, and expanded terrains await skiers. All they need now is snow. That will require a distinct drop in temperatures.

“We really look for like nice cold dry temperatures and that will optimize how much snow making we’ll really have. So we love those long windows of those low temperatures along with the low humidity that will help us with more snow when we do start making snow,” said Seely.

And he shares, the resort has all the firepower it needs.

“Obviously there’s some decent sized machinery you know like the snow making snow guns so to speak and the most important thing is the temperature.”

For now, fun awaits skiers of all ages and abilities on Lee Canyon’s lower terrains.

“We have the bunny hill right here, Rabbit Peak, which is great for families and those who are new to outdoor recreation, so we encourage everyone to come up and check out the snow we do have,” Seely said.

“Snow makes people happy, so you know they come up here and they can’t believe there’s snow and skiing in Southern Nevada obviously there’s a lot of smiling faces that come up here and enjoy outdoor recreation,” he added.

For those who feel at home on less challenging trails, deals do await.

“We’re excited about a couple things this season. One is our mid-week magic and what that is is lift tickets are as low as 19-dollars. So you’ll go online definitely check out or pricing calendar. Along with that there’s a 10-dollar credit, you can use that day grab a beer or something at one of our restaurants in or around the resort.”

And kids under 12 now ski free. For more details on their Power Pass program visit Lee Canyon’s website.


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