LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – City of Las Vegas Mayor Caroline Goodman delivered her final state of the city speech Thursday. She talked about her accomplishments in 13 years in office but also unfinished business like solving the homeless problem.

Before her speech, the Mayor sat down with John Huck and talked about some of the big issues facing the resort corridor, but also reflected on her 13 years, including the challenge of summing it all up in one speech.

“How can I possibly make a speech, there’s so much to say about this community? They hate me for that, by the way to go over. I think my first one was an hour and a half,” said Mayor of Las Vegas, Caroline Goodman.

FOX5: What do they want you to do, you’re the mayor?

“Yeah, I am, and Oscar always said to me, Carolyn, you’re the mayor. You can do whatever you want.”

And what mayor goodman says she wants in this final official speech is to thank the people for her 13 years in office.

The mayor will leave city hall amid rapid changes in the resort corridor brought about by mega events like F1 and the Super Bowl, but also frustration among some of those who live here that it’s all too much. The changes haven’t always been for the best.

Goodman said, “They feel that they’re paying an unfair price in terms of road closures. Now, sidewalk closures for the Super Bowl are events that they can’t even afford to go to and they feel I think a little bit disenfranchised from their own city. Do you get that same feedback from people that you talk to?”

Mayor Goodman continuing, “Well, and it goes back to truth and I know for a fact that small businesses, outlying areas, rather than just around the track of F1 it was a very difficult time people could not get to work. Businesses were off 35 to 40%. The Strip in the area of the race was successful. And that was wonderful. The airport was crammed there was a lot of money coming in for that. And the hotels were terrific.”

“Know, a lot happens in this valley that’s outside your jurisdiction. Right? I’m talking about the county commission, looking at the recent actions they’ve taken, I’m wondering if you have any opinion, and I’m talking about the pedestrian bridges where the new law is keeping moving? Well, you have to look at why.”

“Their industry has to be protected. And their industry is hospitality. So, what’s happened because the rest of the country is suffering with issues of the unhoused huge amounts of crime, uncontrolled laws that are allowing more crime to take place. This is a way for the county to try to keep visitors and businesspeople coming here.”

“They must be able to protect the visitor, the convention goer and those who frequent our hotels, which is the industry, diversity, we’re trying but the industry is who we are.”

The mayor told us that her “legacy” doesn’t concern her. She just wants people to know her gratitude for giving her and her husband, the former mayor, the life they have.

Getting back to the her final state of the city speech. What will she be thinking when she looks out at those familiar faces who have been along for the ride?

Goodman reflected, “It’ll be very nice. I’m really, I think it’s time for someone else to have that enjoyment to work with these people.”

“So, it’s going to be, it’s their time. It’s the next step. And I know I’ll appreciate it, but I’ll be just grateful to the community for having given both Oscar and me a quarter of a century of enjoying and loving this community and everything we do there. Thank you. Thank you, John. Thank you.”

The mayor says two big issues facing her successor: dealing with a state legislature that meets every other year and combatting disinformation.


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